Our Story

Siloam:256 – Sent to Uganda

Siloam means sent and 256 is the area code for Uganda where we believe we have been sent to support young deaf people out of unemployment.

Our numbers have a meaning

2 deaf people out of unemployment every two months which is 12 people per annum to become entrepreneurs or employed.

5 awareness campaigns per year with support from the local communities and families our apprentices come from.

6 specialist vocational skills in 6 years.


Why We Do This

Tackling unemployment

77% of Uganda’s population is below 25 years yet the country has one of the highest unemployment rates at 83% - youths actively seeking employment as a percentage of the labour force – in Sub-Saharan Africa. The youth prominence and increased levels of unemployment appeal for crucial action along with innovative solutions. With this in mind, the levels of unemployment increase for individuals with disabilities. Neglect of disabled individuals in Uganda due to poverty levels continues to be prevalent.

Raising awareness

A marginalised group is deaf people who are also considered a curse amongst society. People who are unable to communicate and are deaf in Uganda are known as ‘Kigala’, and ‘Kasiru’ which translates to ‘Stupid’ in English. . This is often accelerated by community beliefs as they may blame parents their child’s disability. The stigma continues as deaf people are not considered useful to their society as a result of the limited communication with others. This discrimination towards the vulnerable population is further presented through their lack of nurture, education and thus employment.