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Our Mission

The mission of Siloam:256 is to empower through equipping, raising awareness and advocating for equal rights of the deaf/hard of hearing communities in Uganda.

Beyond Education 

We are looking to give the young people opportunities beyond the school environment. Few deaf people are given the opportunity to experience primary and secondary education. We are aiming to exceed regular education by supporting their employment. As unemployment continues to rise among hearing individuals as well as the stigma towards those who are deaf, we want to create an environment which raises awareness of our apprentices’ skills whilst showcasing this practically.

We will work with speaking, pre-lingual and post lingual youth to create an environment which nurtures our young people, developing a single yet broad skill in the midst of a mixed hearing and deaf environment. We believe in re-integration into society therefore, hearing and deaf people will be in the same environment. The hearing staff will be trained from scratch on how to sign in order to achieve high levels of proficiency.

The deaf community is out casted and made to seem as though they do not possess the skills to achieve great things. It is important to us to use to make sure that society sees their skills and abilities as a form of raising awareness for this cause. We also believe this will be a great way passively educate the communities, as the staff teams apprentices work with will have a range of signing abilities with a goal to achieve proficiency in sign language. 


Our Aims

We are looking to work with individuals who are deaf with four aims. Our ultimate outcome is to see financially independent young people as the products of our organisation.

  1. Equip apprentices through tailored vocational and entrepreneurial training.

  2. Awareness of the apprentices’ skill set within their communities in order to support financial independence through long term employment in hearing environments.

  3. Advocacy for change in perception of the apprentices’ abilities and skills through campaigns on social media, rallies and marches, fundraising activities all to reduce stigmatisation.

  4. Expansion of services and reach of a wider group of people across the country to meet the needs of the communities in more rural areas.


Vision Statement

Everyone involved in SILOAM:256 is dedicated to the same goal: to empower young people who are deaf in Uganda by equipping them with vocational skills and showcasing their successes to achieve financial independence and entrepreneurship.


Our Values

What We Believe In

  • We promote equality – Our primary goal is to ensure the rights of our apprentices are enforces and that their hearing impairment and loss is not a hindrance to their progress in life.

  • We empathise -We will build a safe and welcoming environment for our apprentices and ensure all staff are trained to involve apprentices on decisions and changes.

  • We listen – We are eager to have diverse perspectives and want to know the needs of the people we support, their families as well as learning from those with experience in this field. We are learning, listening, growing and focused in our response.

  • We respect and dignify -We will ensure that all apprentices are treated with respect and dignity and staff will uphold integrity at all times.

  • We collaborate - We remain united with organisations, individuals and parents working to make a change and promote the independence of young people who are deaf.

  • We are accountable -Our team take responsibility for actions taken and will be able to explain and justify actions where necessarily.